Project timescales

October 2013 - August 2014



Ensuring that all stakeholder voices are heard

Event conception | Moderation | Stakeholder management  


In 2013 the Swiss Federal Offices ran a stakeholder consultation exercise on the topic of food waste.  Three working groups were developed to enable stakeholders express their opinions, with a view to identifying the key issues relating to this topic.

Foodways Consulting was commissioned to coordinate the working group, bringing together the aid organisations that are active in this area.

Working closely with our clients, Foodways developed two engaging workshops, designed to spark debate and discussion. Moderation was conducted in a way that ensured that everyone was enabled to participate equally and communicate their point of view.  

We then collated the findings, conducted an analysis of the emerging themes and presented these back to our clients.  

Inspired by discussions, two of the group members consequently went on to develop some of the ideas discussed during the workshops into a practical project. Find out more by clicking on the link at the left hand side of the page. 



“We found it positive that various actors from across the value chain came together to jointly discuss solutions to reduce food waste. Markus Hurschler was a competent and inclusive moderator who was effective in ensuring that the organisations represented connected in interacted.”

- Caroline Schneider, Tischlein deck dich