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January - March 2015


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Supporting a growing start-up to develop its communications concept and maximise its reach

Communications consultancy | Project management               


After completing the Our Common Food Programme, Mein Küchenchef was developing rapidly and founder Mirko Buri was struggling to juggle the demands of a growing business. He had developed a new slogan as part of the programme and was eager to consolidate his communication presence but was not sure about how to translate his ideas into a comprehensive concept for his business. 

Foodways Consulting worked closely with Mirko to understand what he wanted to achieve through his communication activities. They then developed these ideas into a serious of clear and concise key messages and acted as a bridge between Mirko and the design agency.

Within a few weeks, Mein Küchenchef had a new corporate identity - including an updated logo, a refined slogan and new business values - communicated to clients through an attractive website and print flyers.



“Die Professionalität von Foodways Consulting und der kompetente Berater haben mein Unternehmen einen grossen Schritt vorwärts gebracht. Die Unterstützung hat meinem Unternehmen einen roten Faden und einen professionellen Auftritt gegen aussen gegeben."

- Mirko Buri, Mein Küchenchef