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June - December 2015


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Enabling young people's voices to be heard when shaping the future of our food systems  

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were formally adopted 2015. The goals are high level and aspirational but in order for them to be achieved, Governments will need support - not only from the sector itself but also the next generation whose day to day behaviour will be crucial in the widespread change required to make an impact. 

Foodways Consulting developed MyFood30 on behalf of the Swiss National Committee to the FAO (CNS-FAO) to understand how young people could best be supported to play a role in the attainment of the SDGs. 

In August 2015 we launched a survey and an interactive game as part of a 50 day campaign. This enabled us to hear the voices of young people on the future of our food systems, the role they felt they they can plan in delivering the food relevant SDGs and any barriers they faced. 

In September 2015 we invited some survey participants, sector experts and government decision makers to a Talentworkshop in Bern to discuss the survey results and consider their implications for training and knowledge transfer in Switzerland. Finally, in October 2015 working closely with YPARD, FAO Washington and George Washington University, we shared the project findings with international decision makers through an interactive workshop at the  42nd Meeting of the Committee for World Food Security in Rome. 

The project results, including the outputs of the two events, were summarised inthis report and disseminated through our broad network of project partners.


Main partner


YPARD - Young Professionals for Agricultural Development - were main project partners.

Foodways Consulting developed this project on behalf of the  Swiss National Committee to the FAO (CNS-FAO) 


We worked alongside a wide range of Swiss and international organisations to develop and implement this project.