We work to shape tomorrow's good food. 

By supporting our clients to deliver successful and sustainable projects, we enable a future-focussed food sector, capable of creating value through innovation and diversity.


Here at Foodways we're fascinated by food.

Since founding Foodways in 2012, our natural passion for this topic has led us to connect with and support a broad range of partners in government, academia, industry and the third sector. Our strong network has enabled us to develop clear areas of expertise and gain a unique cross-sector understanding of today's food sector challenges.  


Our diverse, multidisciplinary team, and their approachable and personalised way of working have equally been key ingredients in supporting our clients to successfully develop simple, impactful and sustainable solutions.  

We're now proud to be seen as the go to partner for organisations that want to shape tomorrow's food system and position themselves as market leaders in their field. 


What our customers say


Working with Foodways’ professional and competent advisor brought my business a huge step forward. The support I received ensured that we had a clear and consistent public image. 

Mirko Buri, Mein Küchenchef


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