We offer innovative concepts & methodologies to drive food system innovation & food waste reduction for our clients. To guarantee the success of your efforts, we apply our expertise & best practice and actively engage our partner network.

New ideas and perspectives for a sustainable food sector require interaction among relevant actors & experts in multi-stakeholder projects. Thus, we deliver impact through leveraging our interdisciplinary network. In parallel, we implement targeted digital tools and communication concepts to enable a sustainable solution.

Food Save Management

We work closely with you from initiative to implementation

In order to measure and reduce Food Waste as well as to drive innovative solutions, we offer the following services:

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Applied research and analysis as a foundation to derive impactful take-aways and results.

We apply our targeted solutions in projects to embed in your business. Both gap analysis and scenario planning are leveraged to optimize your operations.

Coaching for food service and food industry professionals to reduce food waste.

We implement impactful measurements for sustainable food operations. Our coaches are seasoned experts with multi-year kitchen management experience.

Concept, development and launch of digital tools & campaigns

We scope, test and develop digital applications as supporting tools to address targeted challenges in the food system. To best support your needs, we manage the product evolution from development to post-launch evolution.

Measurement & monitoring

With operational improvements and targeted tools we make sure that you effectively measure and monitor your food saving. The analysed data provides you the ideal benchmarks for milestone tracking, implementation impact and an identification of additional innovation opportunities.

Food System Innovation

Sustainability Programmes & multi-actor networks

We offer comprehensive concepts, deep experience set and implementation of sustainability programmes. We work across function and sector to address food systems challenges and enable sustainable and circular transformation.

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Concept and implementation of sustainability programmes

In order to reach your sustainability goals, we support you across all project phases: from strategy and concept to implementation and impact with relevant partners and food system stakeholders.

Best practice projects to replicate and scale

Together with clients and partners, we deliver innovative programmes - from concept to prototype and scale-up.

System optimisation

We analyze your current food system and develop models & measures for circular optimization. Our goal is to enable you to realise the full sustainability potential of your food system.

Measurement & monitoring

To demonstrate impact, benchmark your progress and enable scale-up, we support you with system-wide monitoring and measurment. Only with targeted monitoring & analysis can we collectively sustain the optimisation of your food systems.