Waste Tracker

Measure food waste. Reduce costs.

Waste Tracker

Would you like to know the causes of food waste in your company? With the Waste Tracker, food waste can be measured and recorded quickly and easily. This creates the perfect basis for reducing food waste and cutting costs. Whether you are in the catering or hotel business, this uncomplicated analysis tool fits into every kitchen routine.

Why is the Waste Tracker right for my company?

  • No initial investment costs: Every company can start right away today with the help of a few containers and a scale.
  • Meaningful key figures without effort: We know that everyday kitchen life is hectic. Our approach was developed together with food service professionals and practice partners. The tool is flexible and fits into any kitchen workflow without much integration effort.
  • Get employees on board: With easy-to-understand briefings in German, French, English and Italian, you can raise awareness among your employees and inspire them to get involved.
  • Clear reporting: The measurements are summarised on a daily basis in easy-to-understand, visual reports. This way you can find out where there is potential for improvement.

Measure food waste. Reduce costs.

The Waste Tracker is suitable for uncomplicated measurement of food waste in catering or hotel businesses.

Do you know the causes of food waste in your company?

Whether it’s plate returns, inaccurate ordering processes or errors in production: the flexible and uncomplicated analysis tool supports you in recording food waste in your business. Use the tool’s visual reports to visualise the type and amount of food waste as well as the reasons for the waste occurrences. With the data collected, you can successfully reduce food waste in the long term and save costs where you have identified sources of error.

Food waste also occurs in your business

210,000 tonnes of food are wasted in the food service sector in Switzerland every year. Every kilo of avoidable food waste costs a business an average of CHF 24 (full costs). According to estimates, between 30-60% of food waste can be reduced – also in your company?

Every company can act

Regular measurements help you to understand why food waste occurs in your business. This way you know where there is potential for reducing food waste and you can start with targeted measures. The Waste Tracker supports you in this.

How does the Waste Tracker work?

With the Waste Tracker you can record your food losses in different categories every day – easily with your smartphone, tablet or PC. The tool fits into any kitchen routine and is quick and easy to use with its intuitive input screen. Helpful briefings help you to get your staff on board for the measurements. The result: clear reports that show you the food waste problem areas by category. Three steps will get you there:

Sort food waste

Measure and record weight once a day

Analyse data

No initial investment costs or specific equipment required:

Every company can start right away today with the help of a few containers and a scale.

Meaningful key figures without effort:

The Waste Tracker was developed with practice partners to ensure that it fits into every kitchen routine and that the effort required in the hectic daily kitchen routine is as low as possible.

Easy-to-understand briefings for your employees: 

For the measurements to work, it is important that the whole team is on board. That is why the tool supports you with short briefings in German, French, English and Italian.  

Clear reporting:

Measurements are summarised in easy-to-understand visual reports. Share these with your team to show them where there is potential for improvement.

Tobias Hollinger

Team Leader Food & Restaurant, Marché Restaurants Schweiz AG

“The Waste Tracker is very easy to use and is a good analysis tool for measuring our food waste. We were able to integrate the Waste Tracker quickly and easily into our daily routine.”

Shaun Leonard 

F&B Manager, Chef and head of the culinary program, B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School

“I found the Waste Tracker easy and efficient to use, it wasn’t a chore to enter the data and you could see the details at a glance.”

Waste Tracker subscription

You have the possibility to test the Waste Tracker for 7 days free of charge. After that, you can take out a subscription to continue using the analysis tool. You can choose between a subscription for CHF 49 per month or CHF 449 per year.


Ready to go? Do you have questions about the tool? Start your success story for less food waste in your company with us! For a personal discussion, please contact us by e-mail at info@foodways.ch.

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