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Food Save Management

Saving valuable resources pays off.
With Food Save Management, you can measurably reduce food waste.

By reducing food waste, restaurateurs not only reap economic benefits, but also assume social responsibility by contributing to a more socially and environmentally sustainable food supply.

With the Food Save Management (FSM), we offer gastronomers a long-term approach to reducing food waste as easily as possible and keeping it permanently low. It is a guided process that helps catering teams maximize their results.

Studies estimate the cost/benefit ratio of food waste reduction measures to be 1/14.

The FSM works according to established methods of environmental management, with targeted measures consisting of analysis, measurement and continuous improvement. The main goal is to strengthen the competence within the team – by making food waste visible and addressing it.

During the project period of about one year, you survey the current situation in your company, your team receives a workshop for an individual analysis of the results, implements targeted steps and carries out a performance measurement after about one year. All of this is accompanied by our consultants and certified upon successful completion.

We support businesses from gastronomy, health care food service, hotels and community catering.

For a detailed insight of the process, including concrete steps and measures, please download our PDF:

Your commitment combined with our expertise will get you there. 

See the success stories for yourself.

Further references are also our open group projects in Lucerne, Graubünden, Bernese Oberland und Basel City.

Food Save Management is a recognised sustainability certificate in the Swisstainable sustainability programme. The verification is level II – engaged and is accepted in combination. In combination means that at least two certificates must exist.

The Food Save Management is implemented in cooperation with United Against Waste.

Sustainability assessments and resource efficiency

Zero waste, circular economy, packaging waste or regenerative agriculture – we have an overview of the topics and provide you with orientation. Would you like to find out which sustainability areas are relevant for your company and what potential you have? As interdisciplinary advisors, we can answer your questions about which levers your company can use to make a particularly big impact and at the same time achieve competitive advantages.

The Reffnet advisory programme offers us the opportunity to provide you with a free introduction to these topics.

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