Project Period

May 2020 – June 2021


  • Accompanied food waste measurements
  • Awareness workshop
  • Develop individual reduction measures
  • Evaluation and analysis of the measurement results
  • Survey tool including support

REHAB Basel Gastronomy

Establishing Food Save measures in the care gastronomy sector

Over half a ton less food waste per month

50% less beverage return from the stations (coffee & milk)

25% less plate return


Repeated measurements for success

The REHAB Basel clinic has three outlets that are served centrally from one kitchen: The ward, the bistro and the staff restaurant. The various outlets and the special dietary requirements on the ward present complex challenges when it comes to food waste. Following the first accompanied food waste measurements in 2019, measures have already been taken to reduce food waste. By participating in the project Food Save Basel-City, the aim was to analyze food waste again with the help of expert advice in Food Save Management and to further expand and deepen the commitment.


The more meaningful the measurements, the more effective the measures

The Foodways consultants can tailor the measurements to the specific challenges in the business by providing individual support in the Food Save process. Measurements in the individual outlets allow meaningful measurements, specific analyses and the development of targeted measures for each area. This allows effort and impact to be optimized.

Foodways sees itself as a space opener in the Food Save process for a successful transformation towards more sustainability. With the following services, we offer care gastronomy businesses the framework in which they can achieve their Food Save goals:

  • Advice and training
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of measures
  • Data evaluation and analysis
  • Planning and organization of workshops
  • Introduction and support for the Waste Tracker survey tool


An enthusiastic team and even more Food Save

The Food Save Management process gave REHAB Basel an impetus for change. Thanks to the innovations introduced with Foodways, monthly food waste was almost halved. Making the surplus visible not only had an impact on waste figures – the entire team is now enthusiastic about the Food Save and is already planning further measurements to reduce food waste even further.

  • Optimized quantity calculation by improving the ordering system between the ward and kitchen
  • Reduction of 35% in the cost of goods
  • 70% less food loss from meat & fish