Project Period

December 2022 - May 2023


  • Editorial input Strategy
  • Expertise in sustainable food systems
  • Management of a participative stakeholder process
  • Moderation of virtual and physical workshops
  • Support strategy development

Sustainable Food System Strategy Basel-City 2030

Involvement of stakeholders and content-related sparring to develop a strategy for a sustainable food system.

Support strategy development taking into account all relevant topics and levers

Mobilization of players from the food industry

Content sparring for the development of a strategy document for the Canton of Basel-City


Participatory reflection of the draft “Sustainable Food System Strategy Basel-City 2030”

With the 2018-2021 package of measures, the cantonal government has strengthened its commitment to sustainable nutrition in the canton of Basel-City. The eleven measures focus on three goals: Strengthening regional food supply and value creation. Promote diverse, healthy, fair and environmentally friendly food. Against this backdrop, the city and cantonal administration is developing a new “Sustainable food system strategy for Basel-Stadt 2030”, which is based on the package of measures and is widely supported by local stakeholders.


Collecting input and validation by stakeholders from business, science and civil society

In close cooperation with the Basel-City project team, we designed a process in which the relevant stakeholders for the strategy design were collected and involved in two workshops. From approaching the stakeholders to designing and implementing the workshops, we worked in partnership to implement the strategy.

Foodways also provided content sparring and input at key moments in the process in order to develop the content of the strategy. This was particularly the case at the beginning and after the first stakeholder workshop.

The services of Foodways include:

  • Identification and expansion of the list of stakeholders from gastronomy, trade, processing, administration and civil society
  • Addressing and communicating with stakeholders on behalf of the city and cantonal administration
  • Planning, implementation, moderation and documentation of two workshops (physical and virtual) with over 70 and 50 participants.
  • Conceptual work on strategy document and measures based on the input from the workshops
  • Content sparring for the project team in the city and cantonal administration


The strategy was supported by the stakeholders and can be submitted to other bodies

The strategy document was successfully developed under the leadership of the project team from the city and cantonal administration. An important element of this was the successful implementation of the stakeholder process. This is reflected in the following measurable results:

  • High number of participants (70 on the 1st workshop and 50 at the 2nd workshop), high level of commitment
  • Diverse (food) expertise among participants from all relevant segments
  • High level of support among participants regarding the thrust of the strategy