• Proviande

Project Period

2016 - 2019


  • Activating target groups
  • Communication
  • Expertise in closed-loop systems & resource efficiency
  • Multistakeholder project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability program: concept & implementation


A multi-year multi-stakeholder program for the Swiss meat industry to strengthen meat products that are less in demand.

Maintaining the value of offered parts and increasing the value of less sought-after parts

Development of new sales opportunities through product innovation and product range design

Promotion of sustainable value creation and holistic meat consumption


How can greater resource awareness be promoted in the meat industry?

The meat industry is a core branch of the Swiss economy in terms of the use of natural resources. Meat consumption has changed significantly in recent years: While premium cuts are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, less popular cuts are finding their way onto the plate less and less often. These less popular cuts of meat make up a large proportion of ready-to-sell cuts. There are a number of innovative approaches with great potential for marketing them. With a multi-year sustainability program, Proviande wants to bring holistic and innovative meat processing back into the focus of the industry.


Supporting measures for catering professionals and meat specialists

In cooperation with Proviande, Foodways is designing and managing the multi-year Savoir-Faire program with the aim of supporting the meat value chain in a future-oriented way and actively shaping the discourse on holistic meat utilization. Specifically, the Savoir-Faire program supports and enables meat experts and restaurateurs to exploit the potential of holistic marketing of the animal, from the innovative product idea to communication with the customer. Foodways provided the following support to encourage the industry to become more resource-conscious:

  • Conception of the multi-year sustainability program via a participatory process with 10 industry partners
  • Partnership-based project implementation with the customer
  • Conception and implementation of a multi-stage catalog of measures
  • Activation of external partners for project collaboration
  • Communication of the measures developed


Since the launch of the program in 2016, Savoir-Faire has reached catering professionals and meat experts throughout Switzerland via various channels thanks to its diverse measures and has provided impetus for innovation in the use of farm animals.

Butcher’s reference book with special cuts: over 1,000 copies sold

Effect #1

Innovation competition for recipes with unusual cuts of meat

Effect #2

Toolbox with background information and inspiring practical examples

Effect #3

Development of a training program for catering professionals: 6 training days for meat specialists and catering professionals

Effect #4

Integration of Special Cuts in apprenticeship training with video tutorials

Effect #5

Support group with 10 participants from the processing and gastronomy sectors

Effect #6

3 industry workshops with 50-100 participants from the meat industry

Effect #7