The consumer brand

An innovative food brand with maximum transparency thanks to co-creation between consumers and producers

Connecting consumers and producers directly with each other

Creating maximum transparency

Reducing the discrepancy between consumers’ wishes and purchasing intentions


Information gap between consumers, producers and distributors.

All too often we stand in front of a shelf in a retail store, hold a product in our hands and ask ourselves: what are the actual ingredients, where do the individual components come from and how ethical is the entire supply chain? A lack of transparency and traceability not only makes it difficult to select products, but also to enjoy them after purchase.

It is important to bear in mind that consumers, producers and distributors often have different expectations of products. For one party, it should be as cheap, natural and sustainable as possible, while for another it should be economical and practical to produce. However, models already exist that are designed to reduce this discrepancy. «C’est qui le patron?!», for example, is being used successfully and is now set to become popular in Switzerland.


A brand that is created through co-creation and benefits everyone.

Co-creation is not only a successful form of collaboration, but also the heart of the consumer brand. We bring consumers, producers and distributors together directly in a digital participation process. Consumers determine which production criteria should apply to the individual foods and can thus assume their responsibility for sustainable food. This approach also benefits producers, who can achieve fair prices through maximum transparency. The needs of all stakeholders are therefore taken into account.

With the Konsument:innenmarke, you no longer have to ask yourself about the composition or origin of the ingredients. You can make your own contribution.


A pilot for cooperation between consumers and producers and thus the creation of the consumer brand in Switzerland.