Project Period

February 2022 - December 2023


  • Content sparring of experts and responsibility for content milestones
  • Creation of an Excel tool for the evaluation of packaging
  • Design of participation process (internal and external)
  • Research work and editing of core documents
  • Stakeholder engagement

Packaging for the Bio Bud

What relevance does packaging have for Bud products and how should it be evaluated?

Guidelines for the assessment of packaging in 3 principles

Documented evaluation method based on existing best practice

Excel tool for implementation in practice


Young adults are ready for a change in behavior towards sustainable nutrition

Food packaging is driven by rapid technological innovations and strong public interest.
a strong public interest. Packaging offers food protection, guarantee safety for consumers but also have important marketing functions. These functions are often in competition with each other and must also satisfy increasingly stringent criteria from the perspectives of sustainability, food law and health.

In view of these increasing complexities, Bio Suisse wants to work on this topic internally and with the involvement of key stakeholders and create a strategic and practical basis.


3 principles, 6 evaluation criteria, 1 spider diagram

The reflections of the project management team, consisting of experts in the field, show that the possible issues and solutions in the area of packaging are almost endless. The challenge was therefore to develop criteria that would achieve concrete improvements and results in the foreseeable future and that could also be implemented. In particular, the declared aim was for the Bio Suisse licensees to achieve added value from the project – in other words, to improve in the area of packaging and for this to be based on uniform assessment criteria.

he assessment method developed for packaging, which takes into account weight, material, recycled content, recycling, risk characteristics of the food and the presence of chemicals, provides new impetus for the sustainability assessment of packaging.