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Project Period

2020 – 2021


  • Beratung und Schulung
  • Betriebsakquisition und Betriebsbegleitung
  • Erstellung von Kommunikationsmitteln
  • Konzeption und Prozessentwicklung
  • Projekt- und Netzwerkmanagement

Gastronomy future Basel

Pilot project to make Basel’s catering businesses fit for the future

Test and design of a transformation process for the catering industry

Analyze and improve procurement, menu planning and waste generation.

Demonstrate that a holistic approach to sustainability is not more expensive for operations


Creating future businesses for Basel.

Running a catering business economically is a challenge – and not just since Covid19. For many, the task of converting a business in a sustainable manner is seemingly insurmountable. Most businesses lack the necessary data, knowledge and time. This project creates a blueprint for transforming foodservice operations to sustainable operations. The focus is on food, as that is where the greatest sustainability leverage lies for the foodservice industry. We work together in an ecosystem of service providers and Basel stakeholders to optimally accompany restaurateurs in their sustainable development. 


Transformation process spread over almost 12 months.

Using a pilot approach, we are testing the holistic analysis of catering businesses. This means analyzing delivery bills, menu plans and collecting waste data. This results in an ACTUAL state on the basis of which we jointly derive measures. After a few months, we will check the success of the project in a second data collection. The pilot project is intended to develop a simple, multipliable model that can be used to support other businesses after the pilot phase.

Foodways services include:

  • Concept and process development
  • Company acquisition and support
  • Project and network management
  • Consultation and training of the enterprises in the matter of Food Save
  • Communication tools for guests and businesses


The pilot companies are aware of performance and potential in the areas of sustainable food purchasing, menu planning and food waste, and demonstrate tangible progress. The results and joint discussions are motivating and lead to thorough reflection processes.