Markus Hurschler

Markus Hurschler


"With Foodways, innovative ideas are realized in practical solutions. Bringing the right people together for this motivates me."

Markus is the driving force in the team when it comes to finding forward-looking solutions for complex challenges in the food industry and implementing them in multi-stakeholder projects.

Since founding Foodways in 2012, Markus has developed an extensive network of partners and clients from business, science and institutional actors and established Foodways as an innovative and effective service company. He is an experienced project manager with a focus on participatory approaches, networking, the conception of sustainability strategies and the management and implementation of long-term sustainability projects. He combines his holistic, entrepreneurial way of thinking with his expert knowledge of sustainability issues in the food sector.

Markus holds a BA in International Business and an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Basel. Before, during and after his studies, Markus gained a wide range of international experience – on his own mission, in companies or NGOs – in Europe, New Zealand and Central Asia.

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