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Project Period

2018 - 2019


  • Concept and implementation of transparent supplier and product information
  • Concepts for digital technologies
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement Applied research & analysis

Transparency in the supply chain

A transparency model in the dairy industry from milk collection to goods receipt in the retail trade

Testing the practicality of a digital technology

Digitally underpin existing process for greater product safety and traceability

Creating a basis for more credibility in the processes


Does a digital traceability solution make sense for the dairy industry?

Consumers demand transparent customer information. Digital traceability processes can support the credibility of consumers towards strong brands and ensure greater trust between the individual links in the food supply chain. In a research project with the University of Zurich and the think tank Dezentrum, Foodways is evaluating the potential applications of blockchain technology for greater transparency in the dairy industry.


A prototype for testing possible applications

As part of the explorative research project, Foodways is researching possible applications of blockchain technology to increase transparency. Using a prototype technology, processes are being analyzed and potentials identified with the practice partner Molkerei Fuchs AG. The results will be discussed with representatives of the food industry in order to examine their future benefits and practical suitability.

  • Conception, financing and implementation of the case study
  • Concept for the technical prototype
  • Acquisition of the practice partner Molkerei Fuchs AG 
  • Acquisition and implementation of interviews in the food industry
  • Networking of various stakeholders 


The explorative research project allows progress to be made in the transition to a transparent supply chain. Click here for the project report.

Prototype application for mapping basic processes in the dairy industry

Measure #1

Solution for the use of smart contracts & a QR code hierarchy for secure & unchangeable process mapping in a blockchain (Ethereum)

Measure #2

Potential analysis in the food industry for comparable solutions (currently ongoing)

Measure #3