• Schöne Bescherung AG

Project Period

May - July 2019


  • Analysis of material and energy flows
  • Creating a multi-year roadmap
  • Impact-oriented prioritization of measures

Zurich Christmas Village

Impact-oriented sustainability concept for the Zurich Christmas Village

Analysis of material and energy flows

Development of a sustainability concept

Development of an implementation roadmap based on the circular economy


Using intrinsic motivation for sustainability as a unique selling point

In November 2019, the City of Zurich awarded the contract to run the Wienachtsdorf for the next five years. As the previous partner, Schöne Bescherung AG would like to continue running the Christmas market at Bellevue. It will therefore reapply for the partnership. It would like to use its intrinsic motivation for a sustainable Christmas village as a unique selling point among the applicants. To achieve this goal, Foodways is pooling the necessary expertise and the right players and developing a concept.


A five-year plan for a sustainable Christmas Village

A sustainability strategy will be formulated on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of material and energy flows. This is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Christmas market village with an implementation roadmap over a period of five years. In line with the City of Zurich’s sustainability goals, Schöne Bescherung AG should be able to continue to run the Christmas market. The services provided by Foodways include:

  • Analysis of the flow of goods, materials and energy
  • Joint prioritization of topics and objectives
  • Development of a sustainability concept
  • Conception of an implementation roadmap


The analysis and sustainability strategy provided Schöne Bescherung AG with an impact-oriented basis for holding future Christmas markets in line with the City of Zurich’s vision.