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Enabling private households to become part of the solution

Project management Awareness-raising and activation of the end consumer


Food is something we enjoy day in, day out. This is a fact that we want to recognise, celebrate and share through - as those who know more about where their food comes from and how much energy and love has gone into its production are more likely to value it. promotes societal discussion and debate on the topic of food waste and aims to raise awareness of the practical steps individuals can take in their day to day lives to reduce it. We do this by providing information and holding public events.  

  • Food Waste - the exhibition (Aus Liebe zum Essen): This interactive and engaging exhibition conveys practical tips to help individuals make the most of their food - from meal planning and shopping to storing food back at home or transforming leftovers into tasty new meals.  
  • Local projects (Deine Stadt tischt auf!): At these events we prepare a delicious meal out of surplus food and hand these out free to passersby to raise awareness of the issue of food waste. 
  • Conferences: We encourage discussion of current challenges in our food system by bringing together experts from government, the private sector, academia and civil society. 
  • Knowledge exchange: By writing up research results in a clear and compelling way, we help to build bridges between research and practice.  One example here are our infographics and reports on the topic of food waste. 
  • Presentations and workshops: for schools, associations, companies and other interested groups we delivering engaging presentations and develop interactive workshops. 


"Keep doing what you're doing! The more people understand what a difference their actions can make, the more we'll be able to create change here!"

- A visitor at the Food Waste exhibition in Zurich


our PARTNERs works with various national and local partners.