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Promoting a Nose-to-Tail approach in the meat sector

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The nature of meat consumption has changed dramatically over the last few years. While consumers continue to favour prime cuts of meat, the number of consumers buying the less popular cuts continues to drop. These less popular cuts, however, make up a significant proportion of marketable meat products. To address this imbalance, a wide range of innovative marketing approaches have been developed.

Working together with Proviande, the industry body for the Swiss meat sector, Foodways is developing and implementingSavoir-Faire. By creating a more future-focussed meat value chain and actively shaping the discussion around sustainable nutrition, this project aims to promote a Nose-to-Tail approach within the sector, maximising the value of each slaughtered animal. As a valuable foodstuff, meat should be used first and foremost for human consumption and only where necessary for animal feed or as a source of energy. 

Savoir Faire enables meat industry experts and caterers to maximise the potential of marketing cuts from the whole animal.  The key aims of the project are: 

  • Maintain the value of all cuts of meat 
  • Increase the value and recognition of less popular cuts
  • Develop new  sales opportunities through product innovation and promotional offers
  • Benefit from the current "Nose-to-Tail“ trend
  • Promote more sustainable value creation and consumption of the entire animal body

To achieve these goals this project will focus on the following activities:

  • Creation of an online toolkit with background information and inspiring case studies
  • Development of a training offer for catering professionals
  • Promotion of innovation for non prime cuts and other neglected products
  • Themed weeks in the catering and retail sectors
  • Integration of the topic into apprenticeship training programmes
  • Annual Nose-to-Tail Workshop (with a focus on key issues)