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Ressource efficiency
Circular Economy
Food System Innovation

Are you looking for practical solutions to reduce food waste? Do you have a good idea to derive value from waste streams but need support to develop the concept or find suitable partners?

Here's how we can help:



Innovative and impactful solutions


From field to fork
We at Foodways are convinced that a Sustainable Food System is only achievable if all actors – producers to consumers – are on board and motivated to actively contribute. We work closely with our customers and partners to find solutions that add real value for all parties.

We see the bigger picture
Sustainable business models will only be successful if they actively involve a broad range of actors from different sectors and across the supply chain. Our Transformation methodology builds on our expertise, draws on our deep partner network & reflects our innovative experience set.

Solutions that work in the real world
Solutions must be relevant, actionable and impactful. Our solutions are developed alongside the individuals who will play a role in delivering them. The best ideas are not created behind a desk, but on the production line, at the farm or at the checkout.